Authors’ Bios

John Carew:

Passionate about technology, high-quality print, resolution, fine wine, and typography, John lives on the left side of the bell curve with the early adopters, floating from one new widget to the next. He is a number-loving, ink-smelling, papyrus-hating, Helvetica-loving technophile who studies data and its application to both the mundane and the extraordinary. John combines his love of technology with a passion for the tangible, printed piece to bring you relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking content on printing and technology. Offer a new perspective and gain a new supporter.

John Mehl:

Growing up as a fourth-generation printer, John has worked in the industry since the age of 16. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006 with a BS in New Media Publishing, specializing in digital variable printing technologies and marketing strategies. John minored in Science, Technology, and Environmental Studies, giving him a great background for the ongoing need to make printing less harsh on our environment. His hobbies include skiing, biking, and sailing.

Eric Swenson:

Eric is a self-proclaimed ad junkie, writer guy, and lover of travel—be it international, space, or time. When he’s not stunt doubling for The Rock, you can find him lounging in the park or laughing uproariously on his yacht. Follow his blog posts to gain expert, inside information on some of today’s most current advertising and design topics or to simply blow time in your cubicle with some sweet videos. Also, he someday hopes to tame a lion and is a really nice guy. You can even ask Bill.

One response to “Authors’ Bios

  1. Utterly impressed about how communication is advancing and this site is one i would send toGuttenberg and Ben Franklin if i could find their email address…must have misplaced my hand written note.

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